Sparring Footage

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Here Ragnar and Bjorn duke it out for a few minutes. This was a great day and the first time Ragnar and Bjorn have fought eachother. It apears that perhaps Aelfi has been helping Ragnar with his homework.




Bjorn and Rorik in a traditional sword and shield bout. This is Rorik's first return from university event. Bjorn is happy to have his good comerade back.



Here you can see how weeks of training have paid off. I thought that I had Bjorn dead for sure. After taking his head I was going to turn and unleash the Jarl fury on Ragnar but Bjorn slips, and then surprises me with a thrust below my shield. If that failed Ragnar was right there to finish the job. "Over-Confidence kills."





Aelfi demonstrates good form and discipline. The 1,2,3, combination at the end is especially effective and reveals her level of skill. These combinations and quick attacks keep your adversary on guard and unable to attack.



In this short video Rurik demonstrates the beginnings of what I believe will be quite impressive. Rurik prefers the Axe over the sword. The axe is not something that we have spent much time on so when we are faced with an axe wielding opponent it’s a little confusing and with its hooked shape it makes relieving your enemy of their sword quite possible.