Bjørn the Red (Bjørnr hinn Rauði) comes from Trøndelag, Norway where he spent much of his time as a youth participating in hunts and helping tend to the family homestead. As he grew older he ventured out with his father on trade expeditions to merchant cities where they sold pelts and hides, ivory, textiles, and even arms and armor on occasion. One year, as they returned home a harsh storm smashed against their knarr and blew it apart. The ship sank into the sea and took Bjørns father with it, forcing him to return home alone. As the youngest child Bjørn would inherit no land, so he left once more, seeking to earn a living raiding as a viking, and was recruited by Ælfi during the Harvest blót. He has proven to be a quick learner, able to take up a new trade as quickly as he takes to the sword. Bjørn has learned the secrets of the runes, and it is not uncommon to see him by the side of the hirð casting lots or communing with the gods. Though still young, he has earned a great deal of wealth and renown, and has won the heart of the beautiful Valdis of Uppsala. He now serves as Merkismaðr, carrying his Jarls banner into battle.