Einar’s was born the 3rd son of a Christian farmer in Scania. In his 14th year Einar’s father tasked him with the sale of wares at market in a town some ways away. Einar there awoke and finding a mans hand in his purse wrestled with him and slew him in the dark. Being young and of small learning Einar fled and made no mention of the man. However many had seen where Einar had slept and when the matter was brought to account, Einar was branded an outlaw. With great pain Einar fled his family home to Jutland being there some days encountered a crew trading items from across the sea. Together they drank many drinks and found company amongst one another. But on the eve before departing 3 brother of the thief, making not their purpose known, came upon Einar and the crew without warning. Taking arms with him they slew the 3 brothers and finding Einar competent of sword invited him to join their crew having found him a wanted man. Einar there left Jutland with them and has been their sword hand ever since.