Freydís born in Trøndelag, Norway is an only child. Her mother died during childbirth, leaving her upbringing to her father on his plentiful farm. Where every day he taught her how to tend the farm, tend the animals, taught her how to fight with a sword and shield and protect herself as if she was a son. Eventually she left the farm and went out on her own and traveled for many years meeting all types of people from all parts of life. When she happened across a man named Jarl Ingvar Schildknacker in a tavern. They shared mead and told each other tales of their travels, and by the time their conversation had ended she had joined on to his band of raiders and started a new journey with them. In that group she meets a raider named Flokí and with him she marries and has two sons. Who will eventually grow older and also join Draugar like their parents.