Grimmr the offspring of a Norwegian Viking who settled in Scotland and a Scottish woman, lived on his family’s small farm. When he was 10 a group of raiders sacked their village and burned their home. They captured and killed his father, and slaughtered his mother with most of his family. Grimm escaped with his life and soon after found himself in the service of a wealthy swordsmith from Trondheim named Brynjar. He lived on Brynjar’s farm for the next five years and became a second son to him. When Grimmr was 14 Brynjar began to teach him the art of sword smithing. On Grimm’s 16th birthday Brynjar gifted him a few lumps of iron and encouraged him to find his way in the world. Grimm forged a knife with the skills he had honed over the years, collected his possessions and left to find his fortune. A few weeks later while walking the streets of Kaupang he met a cantankerous craftsman named Ivar who was loudly berating a man for giving him a short pour of ale. After a short conversation Ivar learned about Grimm’s smithing experience. Ivar asked Grimm if he could cut planks, make nails and keep his mouth shut while doing it. Satisfied with the reply he made an offer of employment. Not long after Ivar and Grimm found themselves on one of the Jarl’s ships..