Harald the Bald was raised by his uncle, Halfdan, on a farm east of Trondheim. His mother died while giving birth to Harald. His father, Maghild, was killed on a raid in Northumbria while Harald was very young. Halfdan was a farmer and never taught Harald the tools of war. Halfdan had six sons of his own who constantly taunted Harald. Harald very quickly became skilled with his hands to defend himself from Halfdan’s sons. While still a teenager Harald killed Halfdan’s eldest son during a dispute. There were no witnesses to the act and Harald was deemed guilty and outlawed for murder from his homeland. Over the years he ventured west, living in Isle of Man, Iceland, and eventually settling in Vinland. Since joining with the Draugar Harold has been learning the use of the axe and spear under the tutelage of Jarl Ingvar Schildknacker and his Stallari, Ælfgifu.