Hela Ulfdottir was from Ribe, Denmark. She was the daughter of a successful Danish merchant. The youngest of 4 daughters and one son, she was Ulf’s favorite child and would accompany him when he went off trading. She became skilled in various types of crafting such as jewelry and leather work. Her father taught her the craft of bartering and she was soon quite proficient at it, becoming an asset to Ulf during his trading season. One summer while trading in the Ilse of Mann, Hela met a young warrior named Harald Maghildson. They soon fell in love and were married. A life of trading was not in Harald’s blood, so Hela parted ways with her father and traveled with Harald to Iceland. After a few short years in Iceland they went further west to Vinland to seek new opportunities. There they met Jarl Ingvar and swore an oath of loyalty to him and his crew of Draugar Vinlands.