Jarl Ingvar Ragnarsson was born in a ring fortress in Trelleborg, Sweden from the wedlock between a famed Jarl and a thrall woman from the Mediterranean. When the fortress was raided and burned, Ingvars mother perished and he was sent to live with his grandmother in Köping until he came of age and could return to his father and train as a warrior. He learned much from his fathers oath-sworn followers, and though Ragnar was slain during a raid while he was still young, Ingvar had come to lead the men just as his father had. When the time came for them to make their oaths to their new Jarl, none wavered.
Ingvar raided the European coastlines as his father did, and it was here his foster brother fell in combat to the Danes. Enraged, he wielded his brothers axe with deadly intent, splintering shields and hewing limbs. It was here that he earned the title of shield breaker, or ‘schildknacker’ in their native tongue.
Ingvar took wealth, fame, and thralls from these lands, and it was through these thralls that he first learned of bountiful lands far to the west. Having lived so many years in forts and at sea, Ingvar yearned for lands of his own where he could escape from bloody warfare and establish himself as a wealthy ruler of new and prosperous lands. A man driven by fate and faith, he made sacrifices to his gods and set sail with good companions to find his fortune in the unknown lands to the west.