Sven Loftholder born and raised by his mother Sigfrid and his father Falkner in Skalholt Iceland. He grew under the watchful eyes of his uncle Ulfmaerr brother to Falkner who taught him the ways of how to be a true warrior through stories of raiding and surviving with a group of 6 men during his youth living in Vinland. He was an only child and was kept away from the harshness and violence that was the real world until one day their humble village was attacked by a group of rouge Vikings whose whereabouts and clan were unknown. During the attack he was taken away from the village by Ulfmaerr and brought to an old wooden shack far enough away from the village. Ulfmaerr handed him an axe to defend himself if he were to be found and with that Ulfmaerr disappeared leaving him alone to fend for himself.
A few days had past since the day of the attack on his village. He decided to head back to find his parents and uncle only to return to a soot and ash filled area with no signs of life anywhere for miles. Alone and scared young teenage Sven had no other choice but to conjure up the teachings of his uncle Ulfmaerr and travel away from his once safe village into the unknown alone.
He was now an adult and the day of the attack seemed to have left his mind. The only thoughts in his head were of Ulfmaerr not even his mother or father. He had been through many villages working as a woodcutter using the same axe his uncle had given him for food and supplies needed to venture forth head strong. His soul objective from that day was to strengthen his body and mind to forget the past and move on with his future. However he was not a warrior and lacked in some skills that he needed in order to defend himself in case the need ever had risen to do so.
The day had come for him to venture to Vinland and live in the same area as his uncle once settled thinking that this would be a test of metal and physical strength to try and survive in a new area unknown to him just as it had happened to him the days after the attack on his village many years ago. He found himself wandering around in an unknown village. He wanted to find a group just as his uncle once did to teach him the ways of how to become a true warrior and to be part of a family that he had long forgotten. At that moment he met Jarl Ingvar Schildknacker who had resembled his uncle. He had told his story to Jarl Ingvar of his journeys through life and how he longed to learn the ways of how to be a true warrior like his uncle. Jarl Ingvar then approached with an offer for him to join him and the Draugur Vikings promising that with them he would find his sought out true family and be taught the skills of how to become a fine Viking warrior. He gladly accepted and followed the Jarl to his new home Ravnerhjem where he started his new life learning the ways of the sword and shield by the Jarls Stallari Aelfgifu and also the ways of the spear by Ragnar SpjotiKastar. He had found his new journey in life and it was with the Vikings of Draugur Vinlands!