Sven Loftholder was born in Skalholt, Iceland, the only son of Falkner and his wife, Sigfrid. He was fostered by his uncle Ulfmaerr, a skilled warrior, who saw great promise and determination in him as a boy. As Sven grew, his uncle told him stories of his own youth spent raiding, and instilled in him the mindset of the warrior culture.
When his quiet village was suddenly raided, Sven was brought to a hideaway and given an axe for protection by Ulfmaerr, who then gave his life to defend his farm and keep the boy hidden. In the aftermath, Sven was forced to find work in neighboring settlements as a woodworker, cutting trees and splitting logs for planks to keep himself alive, but he desired more from life; to live as his uncle had and become a great warrior.
As fate would have it, his handiwork was sought after by Jarl Ingvar, who required repairs to his ship and many of his hirĂ°s weapons.
Ingvar saw the resolve and potential within Sven, so when the young man asked to join him in his travels west, the Jarl did not hesitate to take the young ox with him.
It is in Vinland that Sven learned to fight with spear, axe, sword and shield alongside the Jarl’s warband, and it is here that he now makes his home with the rest of the Jarl’s encampment.