Torbjørn Hjálmarsson hails from East Jutland in Denmark. He was raised on his father’s farm outside the town of Aros, where his family expanded their wealth trading surplus from the farm to the merchants who frequented the nearby town. He spent his youth working the land, tending sheep and cattle, and hunting in the forests near his home. Growing up on a farm taught Torbjørn to be self-sufficient and he has many useful skills; leatherworking, carving, woodcraft, and the brewing of ale and mead among them. His father, having raided in his younger days before settling down, also instructed Torbjørn in weapons and warfare from an early age. Although the days were long and the work hard, life on the farm was good. However, being the youngest of three sons, Torbjørn would inherit little after his father died. Thus, he decided to set out to earn his fortune and perhaps find fame along the way. To this end, he has given his oath to Jarl Ingvar and joined his crew.