Valdis Ketilsdóttir hails from a small village near Hovgården in Sweden. She grew up taking care of the cattle and crops alongside her parents and learning how to sew and weave jewelry. It was a simple childhood. As she came of age, a farmer from Uppsala came to ask for her hand in marriage. That summer they were wed and Valdis came to settle in her new home. Quickly, however, she discovered that her new husband was an abusive man with far too many ambitions that he could not live up to. A year later, he was challenged to a Hólmgang and consequently killed, leaving his lands free for seizure. Valdis knew that it was best for her to disappear from the country and so she set out on her own path. Her travels lead her to Norway where she met Bjørn and came under his protection. Quickly, she found herself among the people of Jarl Ingvar where she now helps take care of camp and works on her craft. She also occasionally trains with the others so she can fend for herself in the future.