Instructional Videos.

Instructional Video

Here (above) is an instructional Video on Viking style Combat by Roland Warzecha and one of his comrades in arms. We believe that Roland is the foremost expert when it comes to Dark Age Combat. Roland operates a school based in Hamburg, Germany, called DIMICATOR ( it is martial arts school for the reconstruction and practice of historical European swordsmanship. If you take a moment to watch this short video you will see why we feel that he is the real deal.


Roland is a great source of information and knowledge. His instructive videos prove that he is willing to share his knowledge with others. We believe that shared knowledge lives forever, and that willingness to share show’s good character. We thank him for this video, and for critiquing our own work in such a kind and constructive way. Roland should serve as an example to all Swordplay Enthusiasts, and Historians alike. We are not affiliated with Roland Warzecha or his school but, we have certainly benefited indirectly from his/its existence.