Ravnerhjem-Our interpretation of an Erik's booth

Ravnerhjem-Our interpretation of an Erik's Booth


Here is section of text taken from the Saga of the Vinlanders which mentions temporary shelters called booths.


"There, they came ashore and constructed some booths, and later a large house for the winter. They found their winter to be frost-free, and agreed that fodder and other food, that normally would need to be kept during the cold harsh winter for the animals, would be unnecessary here. Also, the rivers and lakes were filled with salmon and a large variety of other fish. And the earth! It seemed to be black and rich, where they could easily grow their crops. So pleased was Leif by the land and its bounty, he named it Vinland."


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We designed our own booth after the frame of the tent found on the Oseberg ship, and the shelter found on the Gokstad ship. With those original designs in mind we decided to emulate the roof pitch by using parts of a Viking tent that we had built earlier and by reinforcing the structure through the use of heavy wooden posts and planks. This allowed us to create a stronger foundation than ropes and pegs would have provided. This structure survived five blizzards last winter which is quite a testament to the skill of Iron age carpenters.

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Oseberg ship tent frame.

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Gokstad ship shelter