Standard Required Equipment

Recommended vendors are:


Kult of Athena: Swords, and practice swords, axes, helmets, maille-shirts, shield bosses, seaxe, spears etc.



Historic Enterprises: Museum quality kyrtles, winingas,trousers,hoods, and many other dark-age clothing items.



Raymond’s Quiet Press: Museum quality Cast Bronze Brooches, buckles, helmet brasses, and many other belt and harness accessories.



viking clothing kyrtle

The above statue portrays a victorious King Harald Fairhair of Norway. The artist who created this statue seems to have agreed with our own opinion that "less is more." Iron Age peoples would have been in awe of the many metallic items that adorn the figure in this statue. The helmet alone would have been worth more than many of the villages that they had come from. Wealth and status can be easily implied simply by adding a few extra items made from metal to your impression.

You may participate in training events but in order to participate in Museum or public events you must have the proper equipment, clothing, and accessories that make up the basic kit. (uniform and equipment items)You will need a proper shield, A belt and belt pouch, and a drinking horn to get started. the Shield pictured below left is a museum quality reproduction. Both Front and back are shown. The pouch is made from Vegatable dyed leather and is hand stitched using waxed sinew thread. The Drinking horn is also handmade by a member of Draugar Vinlands in this case all three were made by me.

Viking shield
viking shield
viking pouch
viking ale horn drinking horn

Clothing that you will need to participate in official events are as folows: Wool Kyrtle, Drawstring Trousers,Woolen Hood, Leather turnshoes and Winingas (legwraps)

Please see table of recommended vendors below.