Draugar Vinlands is a historical reenactment and living history group based out of Exeter, New Hampshire that is dedicated to the accurate portrayal of combat and culture during viking-age Scandinavia.

Our mission is to interpret traditional Old Norse men and women as historically accurate as possible, achievable only through experimental archaeology; that is, by equipping ourselves solely with the clothing, tools, weapons, and technology available to the people of dark age Scandinavia. By limiting ourselves in this way we create a climate that truly puts us in the shoes of the people we portray, providing a more immersive environment for us as reenactors, a more personal learning experience for us and our spectators, and an intimate cultural appreciation for the viking age.

In order to present the most credible depiction of the viking-age past, we research and cross-analyze a plethora of credible sources. We use written accounts as well as archaeological finds to form the backbone of our understanding, and through our own careful study and rigorous field testing we are able to bring an authentic representation of Old Norse combat and culture to life.






Jarl Ingvar Schildknacker


Bjørn the Red


Valdis Ketilsdóttir


Thora Skane

Torbjørn Hjálmarsson